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The Forever Flashdrive

01.How to use the Transfer Forever Flash Drive?

Your new Forever Flash Drive will include all your transfers. We make sure to select the right size based on the volume of your transfers. The Forever Flash Drive can be plugged directly to your smart TV or a computer. You can also share the content with anyone on any device, such as a tablet or phone.

02.What to do if I want to have multiple flash drives containing different sets of items?

Each order is processed individually by one of our certified technicians. When placing your order, you can include some notes and create well-identified sets with your items in the Forever Suitcase. We will follow your instructions or contact you as needed.

03.What to do if I want to obtain more than 4 flash drives?

You can place your order by choosing the fourth package, which includes 4 Forever Flash Drives. You can then include some notes when placing your order or contact us to request the addition of extra flash drives to your order. The price for additional keys beyond the package is $9.95 for regular keys and $14.95 for high-speed keys.

04.How will my transfers be identified on the Forever Flasdrive?

You can identify each of your items, and we will use your identification for each transfer. In case your original items are not identified, we will label each of your original items with a lettered sticker. Each transferred item corresponds to the transfer identified with the same letter on the Forever Flash Drive.

Everything about Transfer Forever®

01.Who is the team behind Transfer Forever?

You can check the About Us section to learn more about us. We are the largest media transfer company in Canada. Our mission is to serve as many families as possible by providing the best service, professional quality, and the best prices.

02.What happens to my original items once they are transferred?

For a fee of $19.95, we will return all your original items to you along with your Forever Flash Drive. You can also choose our no-cost option and only receive your Forever Flash Drive once your transfers are complete. In the case of choosing the no-cost option, you can contact us within 90 days to request the shipment of your original items.

03.What about international videotapes?

We have all the necessary equipment to transfer international videotapes, and there are no additional charges for this type of signal.

04.What happens if some items are empty or defective?

If we receive empty or defective items, a refund will be issued for each verified and non-transferred item. A fee of $3.95 is chargeable for each non-transferred item.

05.What is the Forever Protection?

The Forever Protection secures your precious memories for 25 years! This protection covers all types of damage and the loss of your Transfer Forever flash drive. You will receive a certificate number, and we will keep a copy of your transfers in our secure archives. The Forever Protection give you unlimited on-demand access to additional flash drives containing all your transfers. You will only pay for the additional flash drives requested according to the pricing in effect at the time of your claim. The current cost of additional keys is $19.95. This price may change in the future without notice.

06.What if I have more or less items than those added to my order?

No problem! You can simply place any additional item inside your Forever Suitcase. If the size of your Forever Suitcase is insufficient for your entire order, you may contact us, and we will be happy to send you a larger box. If we receive fewer items than those you have paid for, a refund for each excess item ordered will be issued.

07.Do you convert sound on film?

Of course! While most film reels are silent, we have all the necessary equipment to fully transfer sound reels at no additional cost!

08.What can I expect in terms of transfer quality?

We use the best available technologies to perform a full transfer of your items. However, the quality of the transfer ultimately depends on the quality of the original item.


01.What are your processing times?

You will receive your Forever Suitcase within 3 to 5 business days. Once the Forever Suitcase is returned to our studio, you can expect a processing time of 2 to 3 weeks to receive your transfers completed. For express orders, you will receive your Forever Suitcase within 3 business days and then your transfers within a maximum of 7 days.

02.How will my Forever Suitcase be picked up and shipped to your studio?

Your Forever Suitcase will include a prepaid shipping label. As soon as your Forever Suitcase is delivered to your home, you will receive an email offering various pickup dates. You can simply choose the date that suits you best. We will then arrange for the carrier to pick up your Forever Suitcase directly from your home on your preferred date. The day of pick up, you may even leave your Forever Suitcase outside for the carrier. You don’t have to leave your home, we take care of everything for you!

03.How should I pack my photos, slides, or negatives?

It is best to stack these items securely with rubber bands to ensure safe transport. Please note that we’re unable to process your photos if they arrive in sleeves, photo albums, carousels, or any other packaging outside of plastic baggies or envelopes. This is to ensure that the process is as timely and optimal as possible. If you want us to follow a specific order for transfers, you can indicate it by adding a note and creating well-identified sets with the desired transfer order.

04.Where do you ship to?

All our transfers are carried out in a single professional studio located here in Canada. At the moment, we only ship to Canada.

05.What is the size of the Forever Suitcase?

We have various box sizes depending on the type and quantity of items you want to transfer. You’ll alsways receive the right box size for your order.

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